Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


August 8th, 2015
Donnie Farlling survived one of the wildest crashes in Bedford Speedway history to win the Limited Late Model headline event at Bedford Friday night.  It was Farlling’s second win of the season at the track, his first ever multiple win season.  In other action, Zane Weicht  took the Semi Late event, Evan Taylor win the Emods, and John Howsare won his first Pure Stock event this century.  Tom Brady ended the evening with his first ever 4 Cylinder win.
    The 20 lap Limited event started off with a bang as the front row starters tangled with each other coming off turn four to get thegreen.  While the second row cars of Farlling and Curtis Heath slipped by, mass chaos ensued.  The melee collected every other car in the field with the carnage and debris the length of the frontstretch.  Due to the extensive crash cleanup and track repair time, the event was halted and the fireworks display was begun.
    After the delay,  Farlling led the battered and mangled field to the green and never looked back.  Troy Swindell charged up to second and the pair ran off from the field.  A caution on lap 6 slowed the field and gave Swindell another look but Farlling ran away again.  Third place runner Heath spun on lap 17 and Swindell dropped out on the last lap, allowing Taylor Farlling to chase his brother across the line, a  Farlling  family sweep.
      DJ Troutman,after starting 11th, survived all the action to finish third, followed by Craig Perigo from dead last and Nathan Lasalle.  Taylor Farlling and Perigo had started the event in the last row together.  Donnie Farlling and Matt Eckman won the heats.
    Dave Whetstone was the initial Semi Late leader but Jesse Snyder took over on lap two.  By then Zane Weicht had joined the fray and he and Snyder battled for several laps.   Behind them.  Whetstone, Jim Sayler and Greg Cornell went at it for third.  Weicht took over the lead on lap 5 but Snyder fought back.  The pair ran together for several laps, joined by Sayler, until Snyder spun on lap 13.
    Sayler attacked Weicht on the restart, but found himself under attack from Whetstone and Cornell.  That battle allowed Weicht to open up a lead which he held to the finish.  Whetstone retook second on the white flag lap to finish there ahead of Sayler, Cornell and Don Wyles.  Weicht and Cornell won the heats.
    Bruce Dreistadt led the first two Emod laps but Evan Taylor boomed by on lap three.  Dreistadt found himself in a battle with Jeff Treece and Adam Daniels after that as Taylor ran off.  As Taylor took the win, Treece grabbed second on the last lap to finish ahead of Dreistadt, Alyssa Rowe and Daniels.  Taylor and Bill Pluta won the heats.
    Dave Lambert led the opening Pure Stock lap before John Howsare got by. Jarrod Brown too second on that lap and chased Howsare for the duration.
While the front two ran off the next group battled furiously.  Ed Vogel, Trent Clark, Tyler Alkine and Brad Feight came from deep in the field to battle for third to the end.  At the finish it was Howsare easily over Brown.  Alkine made it all the way to third, ahead of Vogel, Feight and Clark.  Beau Aikey and Feight won the heats.
    Tom Brady, so close so many times, finally collected his first ever 4 Cylinder win.  He shot by Bailey Johnson on lap 5 and then held off Ryan Peer for the victory.  Peer, Wayne Brenize, Darren Howsare and Dave Harclerode trailed.  Howsare and Brenize won the heats.
LIMITED 20 LAP    Donnie Farlling,  Taylor Farlling,  DJ Troutman,  Craig Perigo,  Nathan Lasalle,  Dan Zechman,  Brian Lowery,  Curtis Heath,  Troy Swindell,  Brett Hockenberry,  Harry Shipe,  Matt Eckman,  Robby Black,  Glenn Ray,  Josh Berrier,  Ron Bottenfield,  Larry Foor,
  SEMI LATE 15 LAP    Zane Weicht,  Dave Whetstone,  Jim Sayler,  Greg Cornell,  Don Wyles,  Bob Jay,  Scott Sturtz,  Joe Pluta,  Kyle Beckett,  Dennis Collins,  Jesse Snyder,  Justin Michael,  Greg Hainsey,  Tom Warren,  Chad Gambol,  Danny Farlling,  DNS  Dave Brown,  Rick Wright.
EMOD  15 LAP    Evan Taylor,  Jeff Treece,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Alyssa Rowe,  Adam Daniels,  Brandon Lasalle,  Vigi Zuccollotto,  John Whitfield,  Rich Goodman,  Bill Pluta,  Justin Milburn,  Mike Meck.Mike Shoemaker.
PURE STOCK  15 LAP    John Howsare,  Jarrod Brown,  Tyler Alkine,  Ed Vogel,  Brad Feight,  Trent Clark,  Bill Replogle,  Joe Dearmitt,  Kyle Weyandt,  Travis Group,  Justin Queen,  Mike lewis,  Dave Lambert,  Owen Baughman,  Terry Mitchell,  Josh McClellan,  Cody Lenhart,   DNS  Greg Beckett.
4 CYLINDER    Tom Brady,  Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Darren Howsare,  Dave Harclerode,  Bailey Johnson,  Pat Brehm,  Chris Reckner,  Kolby Crawley,  Zach Tritt,  Jacob Carbaugh,  Mike McDonald,  Chris Shrout,  Shawn Miller,  Fred Stahl,  Josh Fetters,  Brandon Emerick,  Josh Ringer,  Denny Pittman,  Devon Iser,  Rusty Martin,  DNS  Todd Price,  Phil Best