Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


August 22nd, 2015
   It was almost a repeat of history Friday night at Bedford as three of the five faiiweek winners from two weeks ago repeated visits to Victory Lane.   Andy Haus started it off with a dominating win in the 25 lap Late Model event. Other Fairweek winners Brian Lowery in the Limiteds and Beau Aikey in the Pure Stocks also repeated.  Greg Cornell got a late surprise win in the Semi Late Muss Weyant Memorial before Ryan Peer won the 4 Cylinder nightcap.
    Chuck Clise led the first Late Model lap before Andy Haus boomed into contention.  Haus shot by on lap two and never looked back in the event which went all the way under green.  Clise fell into the clutches of DJ Troutman and they battled for second for several laps before Troutman got by.
    Troutman chased but could not close on Haus, while Jeff Rine joined the third place battle between Clise,  and Matt Parks.  At the finish it was Haus in a romp,  followed by Troutman,  who took the point lead with his run,  Clise Parks and Rine.Wayne Johnson and Colby Frye won the heats.
    The Limited 20 lapper featured a wild battle at the front as Darrell Dick led early.  He held on as several early cautions slowed the field,  holding off Matt Eckman, but the crowd at the front was growing.  Eckman and Dick tangled briefly on lap 5, allowing Brian Lowery and Robby Black to move into second and third.
    But Dick held on.  Lowery was second on lap six but Black too that away a lap later as the pair attacked Dick both high and low.  Finally on lap nine, Lowery made the outside work and disposed of Black.  Lowery took the lead three laps later and set sail.  Black and Dick tangled on lap 15 causing a caution, but since neither stopped or even lost position, officials called no foul and the battle resumed.
    On that restart, Dick faded a bit and Black too off after Lowery, but could not close before laps ran out.  At the finish it was Mopar Lowery over Black, Donnie Farlling, Josh Berrier and Dick.  Black and Farlling won the heats.
    The Weyant Memorial 35 lap Semi Late race was a barn burner.  Jesse Snyder was the early leader.  Kyle Beckett chased him early as the mob came from the pack.  Justin Michael ran third until Dave Brown squeezed by.    Brown was up to second on lap 10 and shot by Snyder a lap later.  Snyder fell back into a battle with Don Wyles and Greg Cornell to hold that spot as Brown got away.
     Cornell slid into second on lap 22 in what would be a pivotal move.    Once free of traffic, Cornell started slicing into Browns lead.  With 5 to go he was there all over Brown but could not get by as Brown crossed the line first.   But in the tech line, upon being informed that there would by motor checking, Brown elected to decline and Cornell made the triumphant trip to the stage,  In the revised finishing order, Snyder was second, followed by Lou Wannyn, Wyles and Dave Whetstone.  Brown and Snyder won the heats.
    Fellow fairweek winner Beau Aikey went pole to pole in the Pure Stock event but it was a 8 car mob at the front.  Positions 2 through 10 switched on every lap as the tensions mounted.  Jarrod Brown, Joe Dearmitt and Tyler Alkine among others kept the pressure on.  Intensity mounted on the last lap as the whole crowd  encountered a  much slower lapped car and took various evasive actions.
     Aikey threaded the needle correctly and held on for the win.  Dearmitt led Alkine, Brown and Travis Group across the line.  Incredibly 22 of the 25 starters were around at the finish.  Keith Killander, Lambert and Ed Vogel won the heats.
    Mike McDonald led the 4 Cylinder field to the green and led the first lap.  Darren Howsare took over on lap two but Dacron Powell, Ryan Peer and Tom Brady had arrived at the front.  Often going three wide, Peer took over on lap 8 but Powell got the lead  back by  for the white flag.  Peer took one last shot and grabbed the lead on the last lap for the win.  Howsare, Powell  Brady and Wayne Brenize trailed.  Powell and Brenize won the heats.
  In post race action the motors of both Cornell and Limited winner Lowery were inspected and found legal.
    LATE MODEL 25 LAPS   Andy Haus,  DJ Troutman,  Chuck Clise,  Matt Parks,  Jeff Rine,  Wayne Johnson,  Matt Cosner,  Colby Frye,  Matt Spopnaugle,  Larry Baer,  Eric Zembower.
LIMITED  20  LAP  Brian Lowery,  Robby Black,  Donnie Farlling,  Josh Berrier,  Darrell Dick,  Taylor Farlling,  Nathan Lasalle,  Glen Ray,  Troy Swindell,  Robby Marhefka,  Curtis Heath,  Matt Eckman,  Larry Foor,  Ron Bottenfield,  Dale Claycomb,  Travis Calhoun,  DJ Troutman,    DNS Craig Perigo.
SEMI LATE 35 LAP    Greg Cornell,  Jesse Snyder,  Lou Wannyn,  Don Wyles,  Dave Whetstone,  Jim Sayler,  Bob Jay,  Joe Pluta,  Kyle Beckett,  Chad Gambol,  Scott Sturtz,  Dennis Collins,  Justin Michael,  Jamie Kohan,  Jim Sacco,   DQ  Dave Brown
PURE STOCL  15 LAP    Beau Aikey,  Joe Dearmitt, Tyler Alkine,  Jarrod Brown,  Travis Group,  Ed Vogel,  Kyle Weyandt  .   Brad Feight,  Keith Killander,  Dave Lambert,  Jim Moreland,  Kevin Hunsicker,  Terry Mitchell,  Travis Vogel,  Kayden Smith,  Trent Clark,  Matt Diehl,  Dakota Foor,  Jeff Brown,  Cody Lenhart,  Justin Rosenberger,  Justin Queen,  John Howsare,  Owen Baughman,  Joe Means,  DNS  Josh McClellan,  Cody Claycomb,  Dave Green
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP   Ryan Peer,  Darren Howsare,  Dacron Powell,  Tom Brady,  Wayne Brenize,  Michael McDonal,  Dan Lawry,  Dave Harclerode,  Steve Frederick,  Chris Reckner,  Denny Pittman,  Todd Price,  Kolby Crawley,  Zach Tritt,  Shawn Miller,  Josh Fetters,  Dustin Kinser,  Harold Crawfore,  Doug Cornath,  Brandon Taylor,