Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


June 12th, 2016
After post race drama, Robby Black snared his first Bedford win of the season in the special Limited event at Bedford Friday night.  Lou Wannyn  scored the Semi Late win and Jonathan Taylor took another EModified win before more post race drama resulted in a Bill Replogle Pure Stock victory.  Darren Howsare went pole to pole in the 4 Cylinder nightcap.
     After a quick lap one caution for Kyle Lee who stopped on the track, Kadden Smith led the early laps of the Limited event.  Smith held off Donnie Farlling and Justin Weaver early until Weaver shot by for the lead on lap 6.  After that Weaver ran off to a large lead until Dan Zechman heavily impacted the wall on lap 11.
   On the restart, Weaver boomed off to a huge lead while Travis Stickley and Robby Black battled hard for second.  Black secured that spot a few laps later but Weaver was long gone.   Over the last eight laps, Weaver ran off to an almost half lap win over Black and Stickley.  But the lap 12 pass into second paid off for Black as Weaver’s car failed in the tech line and Black was awarded the win, his first of the season.
    In the revised finishing order,  Stickley was awarded second, ahead of Farlling, Ron Bottenfield and Nathan Lasalle.  Black and Lasalle won the heats..
    Tom Warren was the early Semi Late leader as he held off a herd of challengers.  Lou Wannyn finally got by on lap 5, and held to the finish.  Warren held off furious challenges from Justin Michael and late closing Jesse Snyder for the duration to snag second at the line.  Michael, Snyder and Greg Cornell completed the top five.  Wannyn and Warren won the heats.
    Ken Singer led the EMod field early as the Taylor family came through the pack.  After a three way battle at the front, Jonathan Taylor took the lead on lap six and Evan Taylor followed through two laps later.  After that it was a brother act at the front while Singer held off Deanna Groves and Bill Pluta.  Jonathan Taylor prevailed at the finish over brother Evan.  Groves got by Singer to take third on lap 14.  Brandon Lasalle rallied late to take fifth at the line.  Singer and Jeff Taylor won the heats.
    Dave Green led what was pretty much a 20 car mob in the Pure Stock event.  Green held off Bill Replogle’s advances as the entire field went two and three wide in hot pursuit.  Replogle and late arrival Beau Aikey battled hard at the front before Green prevailed at the finish.  But Green’s car also failed in the tech line, handing Replogle the win.  Aikey was awarded second in the order, followed by Joe Dearmitt and Brandon Inglish who had battled from deep in the pack,  and John Howsare,  who erupted in a cloud of smoke at the finish line.  Travis Group, Dearmitt and Brad Feight won the heats,  Reed Stickel won the B feature.
    Darren Howsare withstood  serious pressure to win the 4 Cylinder nightcap.  It was a five car breakaway early on until Howsare and Wayne Brenize split a lapped car on lap nine.  When the lapped car spun, third and fourth place runners Cale Martin and Ryan Peer got involved and thinned out the herd.  From that point, Howsare held off Brenize for the win.  Tom Brady, Chris Reckner and Dave Harclerode completed the top 5.  Peer and Brenize won the heats.
LIMITED  20 LAP  1 Robby Black,  Travis Stickley,  Donnie Farrling,  Ron Bottenfield,  Nathan Lasalle,  Kadden Smith,  Curtis Heath,  Brian Lowery,  Taylor Farlling,  Cody Buterbaugh,  Dan Zechman,  John McCloskey,  Kyle Lee,  DNS  Zach Price
EMODIFIED 18 LAPS  1 Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Deanna Groves,  Ken Singer,  Brandon Lasalle,  Bill Pluta,  Justin Milburn,  Andy Swope,  Travis Vogel,  Mike Meck,  Ed Vogel,  Bryan Fyfe,  Jim Saylor,  Alyssa Rowe,
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Lou Wannyn,  Tom Warren,  Justin Michael,  Jesse Snyder,  Greg Cornell,  Chris Chamberlain,  Chad Gambol,  Dave Whetstone,  Travis Calhoun,  Greg Hainsey,  Scott Sturtz,  Dennis Collins,  Joe Pluta,  Don Wyles  DNS  Bob Jay
PURE STOCK  1  Bill Replogle,  Beau Aikey,  Joe Dearmitt,  Brandon Inglish,  John Howsare,  Dave Lambert,  Owen Baughman,  Terry Norris,  Justin Queen,  Brad Feight,  Dan Jackson,  Reed Stickel,  Dave Riley,  Eric Weyandt,  Kevin Weyandt,  Dalton Ritchey,  Trent Clark,  Denny Pittman,  Bryan Morris,  Preston Imler,  Keith Killander,  Jim Dearmitt,  Josh McClellan,  Travis Group,  DQ  Dave Green.  DNS  Dave Beahr,  Brad Hoffman,  Nick Bechtell,  Cody Lenart,  Shane Oester,  Kely Weyandy,  Dakota Foor
4 CYLINDER  1    Darren Howsare,  Wayne Brenize,  Tom Brady,  Chris Reckner,  Dave Harclerode,  Kody Crawley,  Todd Price,  Josh Fetters,  Phil Best,  Morgan Price,  Chris Stoudt,  Harold Crawford,  Steve Frederick,  Steve Martin,  Ryan Peer,  Cale Martin,  Darren Reaugh,  Skyler Shhetz,