Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


April 15th, 2017
    DJ Troutman rose to the occasion and scored a big win on the first regular Friday show of 2017 at Bedford.  It was his first win of the season and the ninth of his career at the track, moving him into the top 15 on the Late Model list.  Robby Black rallied late to take the Limited event, the 21st of his career as he edges closer to the top spot on that list.  Vic Vandergrift held off a furious challenge from Jonathan Taylor to take the EMod event, the third of his career.  Dakota Foor, who only a week ago scored his career first Pure Stock victory in the tech line, roared back to take one on the track only 5 days later, while Wayne Brenize took his fifth consecutive 4 Cylinder win, this time in the tech line.
    DJ Myers brought the Late Model field to the green, but second row starters DJ Troutman and Dan Angellichio sandwiched him on the backstretch, going three wide for the lead.  A quick yellow on lap two for a spinning Matt Cosner allowed everyone to take a breath, but Troutman had the lead on the restart.
    With Angellichio in tow, Troutman led as Jeff Rine and Matt Spopnaugle slid through the field.  Although he fell back early, Angellichio closed on Troutman, looking to present a challenge until he banked off the turn 4 wall on lap 15.   Angellichio recovered to run Troutman down again late in the event but fell short at the line.  Sponaugle, Rine and Chuck Clise trailed.  Sponaugle and Matt Cosner won the heats.
    In the first 2017 appearance of the Limited Late Models, Ralph Morgan led the field to the green and led early.  Robby Black wrestled his way past Devin Weyandt for second on lap three and set off after Morgan, but his chore was made easy as Morgan retired on lap six.  
   At that point Black was uncontested for the lead and ran off to the 20 lap win.  Weyandt chased Black across the line for second, followed by Ron Bottenfield, Curtis Heath and Donnie Farlling.  Morgan and Farlling won the heats.
    Rich Goodman led the EMod field at the start but Vic Vandergrift came from sixth to shoot by on lap two.    Vandergrift was joined at the front a lap later by Jonathan Taylor and the pair went at it for the 18 lap distance.  Although Taylor was all over Vandergrift for the duration, he settled for second at the line, ahead of John Whitfield, who rallied from 10th starting position to score a career best finish.  Ken Singer and Alyssa Rowe trailed.  The Taylor brothers swept the heats, although Evan was a feature no starter after motor issues.
     Brad Feight was the erly leader in the Pure Stock event which turned out to be a slugfest.   Action began on lap one as Kyle Weyandt got sideways in turn one and pretty much the entire field balled up.  Feight held on as seven cautions dotted the first 11 laps of the event.  But on lap 12, Feight became the caution as he crashed in turn four.
    Dakota Foor, fresh off his first career Bedford win only 5 days previous, was the new leader and he held off a six car mob to take the win.  Dave Lambert emerged from a wild last lap to take second at the line, ahead of Joe Dearmitt, Tyler Ritchey, Nick Bechtell and Weyandt.  Weyandt and Jim Dearmitt won the heats.
    Noah Swank led the 4 Cylinder event from start to finish but failed in the tech line, giving the win to Wayne Brenize, who had hounded him for the duration.  Casey Fleegle, Rusty Martin and Chris Reckner trailed.  The event was red flagged on lap 5 for a wild turn two crash involving Brian Ickes.
Swank and Todd Price won the heats.
LATE MODELS 25 LAPS    DJ Troutman,  Dan Angellichio,  Matt Sponaugle,  Jeff Rine,  Chuck Clise,  Jim Yoder,  Matt Cosner,  Nathan Lasalle,  Curtis Heath,  Ernie Millon,  Dave Troutman,  DJ Myers,  Tyler Hershey
LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  Robby Black,  Devin Weyandt,  Ron Bottenfield,  Curtis Heath,  Donnie Farlling,  Taylor Farlling  Kadden Smith,  Greg Cornell,  Brian Lowery,  Cody Butrbaugh,  Matt Murphy,  Ralph Morgan,  DNS  Daulton Bigler
EMOD  18 LAP  1 Vic Vandergrift,  Jonathan Taylor,  John Whitfield,  Ken Singer,  Alyssa Rowe,  Bill Pluta,  Drake Troutman,  Justin Milburn,  Rich Goodman,  Ryan Peer,  Mike Mech,  Dacron Powell,  Beau Aikey,  DNS  Evan Taylor
PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Dakota Foor,  Dave Lambert,  Joe Dearmitt,  Tyler Ritchey,  Nich Bechtell,  Kyle Weyandy,  Reed Stickel,  Brad Hoffman,  Josh Frankenberry,  John McCloskey,  Laura Chamberlain,  Brad Feight,  Joe Means,  Owen Baughman,  Erik Weyandy,  Kevin Weyandt,  Jim Dearmitt,  Trent Clark,   DNS  Barry Weyandt,  Denny Pittman
4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  1  Wayne Brenize,  Casey Fleegle,  Rusty Martin,  Chris Reckner,  Todd Price,  Shawn Miller,  Phil Best,  David Reaugh,  Chris Shrout,  Steve Frederick,  Harold Crawford,  Darren Howsare,  Keith Deeter,  Bryan Ickes,  Kolby Crawley,  DQ  Noah Swank.