Bedford Speedway » 2019 Results


April 29th, 2019

    It took seven tries but the Bedford Speedway finally got the 2019 season opener completed Sunday night.  Robby Black, after a season off from Limited action, resumed form and romped to the big opening night victory.  Joining Black were Drew Ritchey in the 305 sprint event, Bill Replogle in the Semi Late race and Wayne Brenize in the 4 Cylinder nightcap.  Brett Perigo won the special Vintage car race to start the evening

     Robby Black, the leading active Limited event winner at Bedford made a headline statement that he is back in form.  He blasted by pole sitter George Dixon at the start and wired the field in the 20 lapper.  Clinton Hersh came from sixth to second in wild first lap action but never made a dent on the leader’s distance.

    By the time that Dixon retired from the event, Taylor Farlling had charged from 10th to third but he also was far behind the leaders.  At the finish it was Black, Hersh, Farlling, Ron Bottenfield, Ryan Sager and Shawn Shoemaker.  The event went all the way under green.  Devin Fret and Donnie Farlling won the heats but Farlling dropped out of the event before the green.

    Jonathan Jones was the pole sitter and early Racesaver Sprint Car leader.  It took Drew Ritchey three laps to get by Bob Garvey Jr for second, but once he did he began to close on Jones.  On lap 11 he ducked under Jones for the lead, and although Jones fought back hard, Ritchey led to the end.

    Jones held on for second at the line followed by Garvey, Randy Sterling, Brad Mellott and Kyle Ganoe.  Ray Sheetz and Garvey won the heats

    In a repeat performance of the last season opener, Bill Replogle drew the pole and led the Semi Late event duration.   Bob Jay charged into second early and for a while was closing on Replogle, but never seriously challenged.

     A late race caution when Trent Clark slammed the wall gave Jay a second chance but Replogle was the class of the field.  Jay was second, followed by Travis Calhoun, Chubby Childers and Greg Hainsey.

    The 4 Cylinder finally had some mid race drama before 2017 champion Wayne Brenize emerged with the win.  Josh Ringer was the early leader as Brenize and Casey Fleegle charged from the pack.  They both caught Ringer and put on a wild three way battle for the lead.  But when they caught lapped traffic, Fleegle made a wild move which saw Ringer spin,  Fleegle sent to the rear and Brenize the new leader.

    From that point on Brenize ran off for the win over Todd Price, Devin Iser, Dustin Kinser and Steven Martin.  Ringer and Kinser won the heats.

      Brett Perigo led early, was passed,but rallied late to win the Vintage car event.


LIMITED 20 LAP  Robby Black,  Clinton Hersh,  Taylor Farlling,  Ron Bottenfield,  Ryan Sager,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Devin Weyandt,  Curtis Heath,  Kadden Smith,  Mike Shoemaker.  Mike Williams,  Devin Frey,  George Dixon,  Donnie Farlling,  Brian Lowery

305  20 LAPS  Drew Ritchey,  Jonathan Jones,  Bob Garvey Jr,  Randy Sterling, Scott Lutz,  Kyle Ganoe,  Reed Thompson,  Brad Mellott,  Ryan Lynn,  Ray Sheetz,  Ron Aurand,  Matthew Kline,  Josh Spicer,  Jim Kennedy ,  Jake Gomola,  Dylan Prator

SEMI LATE 20 LAP  Bill Replogle,  Bob Jay,  Travis Calhoun,  Chubby Childers,  Greg Hainsey,  Kyle Weyandt,  Mark Patterson,  Lonny Buttery,  Trent Clark

4 Cylinder 20 LAP  Wayne Brenize,  Todd Price,   Devin Iser,  Dustin Kinser.  Steven Martin,  Casey Fleegle,  Dalton Long,  Bill Shehan,  Josh Ringer,  Ernest Hewiyy,  Adam Plubell,  Kenneth bWilson,  Bryan Ickes.  Doug Cornath  Ryan Peer,  Corey Price  Morgan Price

Vintage 10 LAPS Brett Perigo,  Gene Wrightstne  Scott Rickrode,  Mike Bridel,  John martin,  Mark Rickrode,  Fred Thomas,  Randy Minnch DNS