Bedford Speedway » 2020 Results


June 20th, 2020

     The Bedford Speedway defeated the odds against the weatherman Friday night and produced five happy feature winners.  Robby Bartchy was the star of the 305 Sprint car event , dominating the 25 laps.  It was his first Bedford win since the 2015 season.  Donnie Farlling was the surprise Limited victor.    Bill Replogle, Dalton Ritchey and Ryan Peer were also winners  on the special $5 night at the track.

    The 305 Sprint car event turned into a cake walk for Robby Bartchy.  Bartchy and John Walp brought the field to the green and Basrtchy took the lead at the start.  After that it was just a chase as Walp could only watch Bartchy pull away from the field on every lap. 

    Only two quick cautions slowed the field before Bartchy romped off to the easy win over Walp.  Dylan Shatzer came from sixth starting spot to claim third at the line ahead of 11th starter Garrett Bard and Josh Spicer.

     When pole starter Jim McBee failed to answer the call,  it was Donnie Farlling who led the Limited field to the green.  Farlling led the opening lap but it was Greg Moore bursting by for the lead on lap two.  For the third week in a row it was the two 48s at the front, with Moore pulling away while Farlling was left to hold off Devin Weyandt.

     Moore had pulled  off to a decent lead over the field when he suddenly  shot into the pits on lap 11.  Suddenly the three way battle for second became a battle for the lead,  with Farlling holding off Weyandt and a fast closing Matt Parks.

    Farlling was able to hang on to score the win over Weyandt and Parks.  Bryan Benton and Taylor Farlling completed the top 5.

     By the luck of the draw, Bill Replogle was the Semi Late pole sitter.He made the most of his goods fortune.  He grabbed the lead at the start and held rookie Josh Bumberger for 7 laps.  After that, Travis Calhoun took up the chase but could not get by Replogle for the lead.

    At the finish it was Replogle, followed by Calhoun, Bumberger, Brian Weyandt Jr and Greg Hainsey, who started last in the field.

    Clearly the best race of the night was the Pure Stock event.    Reed Stickel was the pole sitter and early leader but he drew a crowd at the front.  John Howsare was all over Stickel before  Dalton Ritchey joined in.    

    The trio ran in flight formation for several laps with Kyle Deneen closing fast.   By lap 10 the top four were two by two and changing the spots every lap.   After using both the inside and outside lanes, Ritchey finally slid by Stickel on lap 12, just before a quick caution flew for a spin out.

    With Ritchey out front, the finish was anti climatic as he led the last two laps for the win, ahead of Stickel, Howsare, Deneen and Bryce Broadwater,

    Former champion Todd Price led the 4 Cylinder event until Ryan Peer took over.  Peer then held on for yet another win.  Second place finisher Darren Howsare had issues in the tech area resulting in Price, Dalton Long and Jeremy Miller  moving up in the finishing order. 

       A late afternoon rain event delayed the start of the evening festivities.  With the late start all heat race action was cancelled and the features were lined up by blind pill draw.


 305 SPRINT 25 LAP  1   Robby Bartchy,  John Walp,  Dylan Shatzer,  Garrett Bard,  Josh Spicer,  Dylan Proctor,  Scott Lutz,  Kyle Keen,  Brad Mellott,  Reed Thompson,  Todd Lynn,  Ray Sheetz,  Ryan Lynn,  Larry McVey,  Jim Kennedy,  Ray Aurand,  DJ Cassler


LIMITED 20 LAP  1  Donnie Farlling,  Devin Weyandt,  Matt Parks,  Bryan Benton,  Taylor Farlling.  Brian Lowery,  Greg Moore,  Jason Mullen,  Clinton Hersh,  Tyler Ritchey,  DNS  Jim McBee,  Ryan Seger,  Shane Nihart


SEMI LATE  15 LAP  1  Bill  Replogle,  Travis Calhoun,  Josh Bumberger,  Brian Weyandt J,  Greg Hainsey,  Cale Martin,  Trent Clark,  Erik Weyandt,  Laura Reilly,  Kyle Weyandt,  Nick Bechtel.  Mike Desch,  


PURE STOCK  15 LAP  1  Dalton Ritchey,  Reed Stickel,  John Howsare,  Kyle Deneen,  Bryce Broadwater,  Russ Hartman,  Dalton Weyandt,  Charlie Clise,  Preston Imler,  Larry  Baer,  Bill Shehan,  Barry Clark,  Jason Irwin,  Cole Stickel,  


4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Ryan Peer,  Todd Price,  Dalton Long,  Jeremy Miller,  Dustin Kinser,  Harlan Group,  Michael Kneeland,  Jeff Merlett,  Jay Talley,  Michael Boring,  John Diehl,  Brando Grubb,  Isaac Komansky,  Darren Norris,  Nate McDermitt,  Shane Spade,