Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


August 15th, 2020

Clinton Hersh rallied from the pack to win the Limited event at Bedford Speedway Friday night. In other action, Brian Weyandt Jr, Kyle Deneen also won before Colin Welsh scored an emotional first ever 4 Cylinder win.

It took three tries to get the Limited event underway. with another caution on lap one. When everything sorted out, Brian Lowery led the first lap but Clinton Hersh had already survived the mayhem and ran second.

On the lap one restart, Hersh zoomed around Lowery and proceeded to run off from the field for the duration. Liker Hersh, Spike Moore was coming through the field but at a slower pace. Moore appeared in third on lap 6, and second by passing Lowery on lap 11. He closed slightly on the leader in the waning laps but nerver mounted a serious challenge as the laps wore down.

At the finish, it was Hersh, Moore, Lowery, Donnie Farlling and Taylor Farlling. Moore and Eddie Cornett win the heats.

After having missed several opportunities in 2020, Brian Weyandt Jr scored the Semi Late win. He held off Travis Calhoun from the start and for the duration. He attracted a crowd at the front as Bill Replogle, Nick Bechtel and Kyle Weyandt joined in but none threatened Weyandt for the duration.

At the finish it was Weyandt, Calhoun, Bechtel, Replogle and Kylle Weyandt. Weyandt and Calhoun won the heats.

Cole Stickel led the Pure Stock event for two laps before Dalton Ritchey got by. But it was a crowd at the front as about six cars ran in a clump. Finally Kyle Deneen emerged from that gang and got by to lead lap 6.

The others challenged but no one was able to prevail on Deneen before the laps ran out and he scored the win. Barry Clark, Daltpon Weyant, Ritchey and Charlie Clise trailed. Clark and Weyant won the heats.

The 4 Cylinder event was the wild race of the night. It took three tries to get underway and there were three more cautions in the first three laps. Colin Welsh was the leader when things settled down but the crowd at the front grew with each passing lap.

Darren Howsare gave Welsh all he could handle but could not get by as Dominick Shipley and James Fairall , who started last in the field joined in. The front four took the white flag in a clump before they all tangled in turn one together. Shipley got the worst of all that as he was towed off .

The others all never stopped and lived on to battle for the one lap shootout, Welsh, whose grandfather was once the track announcer at Bedford prevailed on that last lap to score the popular first ever win. He was followed by Howsare, Fairall, Harlan Group and Dustin Kinser.

Point leader Todd Price was involved in one of the first lap crashes and was the first retiree. Price and Group won the heats.

LIMITED 20 LAPS 1 Clinton Hersh, Greg Spike Moore, Brian Lowery, Donnie Farlling, Taylor Farlling, Ryan Sager, Devin Weyandt, Tyler Ritchey, Eddie Cornett, Jordan Kauffman, Shane Nihart,

SEMI LATES 15 LAPS 1 Brian Weyandt Jr, Travis Calhoun, Nick Bechtel, Bill Replogle, Kyle Weyandt, Erik Weyandt, Denny Atherton, Josh Bumberger, Jarrod Brown, Jesse Snyder, Brandon Grubb, Laura Reilly, Scott Sturtz, Mike Desch, DNS Greg Hainsey, DQ Cale Martin

PURE STOCK 15 LAP 1 Kyle Deneen, Barry Clark, Dalton Weyant, Dalton Ritchey, Charlie Clise, Chetyenne Ranker, Kevin Weyandt, Bryce Broadwater, Cole Stickel, Andrew Slough, Bill Sheehan, Larry Foor, Reed Stickel, Anthony Troutman, Delmar Donivan,

4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS 1 Colin Welsh, Darren Howsare, James Fairall, Harlan Group, Dustin Kinser, Ernie Hewitt, Javid Fairall, Michael Kneeland, Jeff Marlett, Joe May, Steven Martin, Jordan McEvoy, Steve Frederick, Harold Crawford, Dominick Shipley, Josh Corbin, Christopher Kauffman, Jim Delozier, John Diehl, Todd Price, Darren Norris, DNS Dalton Long, Nathan McDermitt, Rhett Shetcock.