Bedford Speedway » 2024 Results


April 27th, 2024

The wingless USAC sprint cars invaded the Bedford Speedway Friday night and headlined the exciting racing program.  Briggs Danner  took the wingless event while Kyle Lee  took the Super Late Model headliner.  In other action, Greg Hainsey, Chubby Childers and Shawn Smith won the Semi Late, Pure Stock and 4 Cylinder events.

Danner started fifth in the USAC event and started his march forward from the start as Carmen Perigo led early.   Perigo could not shake the crowd early as Bruce Buckwalter, Bobby Butler gave chase,


Danner joined in the race for second by lap two and the trio traded that spot around for several laps.    But Danner slid by into second on lap 5 and ran down Perigo for the lead two laps later.


From that point on it was all Danner as he pulled away from everyone as the first 24 laps went all green.  Dancing through heavy lapped traffic was no problem as Danner stretched a large lead.  Danner’s lead was wiped out on the last lap as Lee Kauffman managed to ram the first turn wall and flip wildly, bringing out the red flag.


After a lengthy delay, the crowd reassembled for a last lap shootout.  Alex Bright gave a great effort but Danner held on for the win.  Bright, Butler, Joe Amantea and Steve Drevicki completed the top 5.  Every USAC starter finished the cleanly run event except for Kauffman.  Perigo and Danner won the heats.


Nathan Lasalle and Tyler Emory led the Late Model field to the green.  Emory made it interesting as he rode the wall in turns one and two  at the start,   Lasalle emerged as the uncontested leader as Emory kept control but slipped back to fifth place.


Jeff Miller chased Lasalle but fifth starter Kyle Lee was already up to third by lap 3.  Lee took second on lap 5 and noticeably closed on Lasalle each lap.   On lap 7 he slid by for the lead and never looked back as the field went 23 laps green.


As Lee led, all eyes were on Jeff Rine who had started 11th in the field,   Without the aid of a caution, Rine slithered his way up to third by lap 14.  Emory too, who had dropped back to fifth on the first lap incident rebounded well and they both descended on Lasalle.


Rine took second on lap 17 and noticeably began to close on the leader but it was negated as Lasalle ended the 23 lap green flag run by heavily impacting the turn one wall causing the only caution in the event.


Not to be denied, Lee got a great restart and held on for the win.  Rine;s great march ended at second.  Emory recovered from the first lap incident for third, ahead of Devin Weyandt and Tim Smith.   Lasalle and Miller won the heats.


Greg Hainsey turned near disaster into success as he took the Semi Late event in his ancient car.  After being involved in a multi car crash on the first lap of the first Semi Late heat, Hainsey had returned to action and hung on for fourth in that heat earning a spot in the redraw. thendrew the pole for the feature.


At the start of the Semi Late event, fellow front row starter Rick Potter spun in front of the field causing a multi car accident.  On the restart, Hainsey  got the jump on new front row partner Bob Jay and led the distance,  Jay at one poijnt fell back to fourth but rebounded to chase Hainsey to the finish, Kyle Weyandt and Nick Bechtel trailed.   Khi Swanger and Bechtel won the heats.


Chubby Childers drew the pole for the Pure Stock event and led the distance.  Behind him it was a mob as three and four cars battled heavily for second.  Denver Dishong battled relentlessly with Dalton Weyandt for second but fell short at the end.  Derrick Hinish rallied late in the event to take fourth ahead of Darian Ritchey.  Dishong and Ritchey won the heats.


The 4 Cylinder finale started wildly as pole starter Isaac Komarsky managed to flip going into turn one bringing out the red.   On the restart,  Shawn Smith was the early leader and he held off a trio of chasers for the duration .  The event was halted a second time by a wild 4 car crash on the front stretch on lap nine,  but Smith held on for the win.  Colin Welsh took second ahead of Josh Corbin and Tom Brady who came from 11th in the field.   Smith and Corbin won the heats.


USAC  25 LAPS    Briggs Danner,  Alex Bright,  Bobby Butler,  Joe Amantea,  Steve Drevicki,  Ed Aikin,  Carmen Perigo,  Bruce Buckwalter,  Jason Cherry,  Matthew Swift,  Scott Frack,  Dalton Herrick,  Troy Fraker,  Lee Kauffman.


LATE MODEL  25 LAPS   Kyle Lee,  Jeff Rine,  Tyler Emory,  Devin Weyandt,  Tim Smith,  Jakob Piper,  Jeff Miller,  Matt Sponaugle,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Brian Booze,  Clinton Hersh,  Barry Miller,  Tyler Ritchey,  Sean Merkel,  Dylan Lewis,  Nathan Lasalle,  Mike Lupfer,  Chuck Clise,  Wayne Johnson.


SEMI LATES  15  LAPS   Greg Hainsey,  Bob Jay,  Kyle Weyandt,  Nick Bechtel,  Devin Weyandt,  Khi Swanger,  Cody Jarvie,  Dave Brown,  Travis Calhoun,  Erik Weyandt,  Dillon Isenburg,  Garrett Keifer,  Rick Potter,  John Miller,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Andrew Stough,    DNS  Bill Replogle, Kyle Deneen


PURE STOCK  15 LAPS   Chubby Childers,   Dalton Weyant,  Denver Dishong,  Derrick Hinish,  Darian Ritchey,  Braydon Bauman,  Madison Miller,  Barry Clark,  Brock Bunn,  Brad Boyd,  Charlie Clise,  Franklin Foor,  Kyle Beckett,  Jay Talley,  Mark Shope   DNS  Dominic Weyandt


4 CYLINDER   12 LAPS   Shawn Smith,  Colin Welsh,  Josh Corbin,  Tom Brady,  Matt Kauffman,  Todd Price,  Raymond Goss,  John Diehl,  Collin Martin,  Seth.Jezeskie,  Neveah Helsel  Bryan Wright,  Cody Hetrack  Colton Mundorf,  Shane Weyant,  Hayden Kline,  Chris Graybill,  Jeff Marlett,  Matt Jones, Isaac Komarski  DNS  Josh Borland.