Bedford Speedway » 2023 Results


May 20th, 2023

The wingless Super Sportsmen made their annual Bedford appearance Friday night and Tony Jackson thrilled the crowd with the exciting win.    Devin Weyandt  took the win in the co headline Limited event,  In other action,  Mike Altobelli Jr scored the EMod win in a wild last lap move and Bill Replogle turned around a season of frustration with a hard fought Semi Late win.  The 4 Cylinder finale fell to the curfew, the first time that has happened at the track in several years.

Pole sitter Cliff Brian jumped in the lead at the start and held that spot through several early yellows.   He got away on each restart but  Tony Jackson moved in to challenge more seriously as the laps ticked off.     After several attempts, Jackson finally got by for the lead on lap 10.  but his work was not over as Brian remained in contention.


After halfway, Trent Yoder moved in, challenging Brian for second and keeping the heat on Jackson.  With the cushion up near the wall,  Several of the sportsman cars rubbed the wlly, including the front runners, but Jackson prevailed to secure the 25 lap win.   Yoder got by Brian to secure second on lap 12, finishing there.  Brian took third ahead of San Leonard and  Steve Wilbur, who has started 13th in the field.  Heats were won by Jackson and Troy Fraker.


Kaiden Bard was the early Limited leader but Devin Weyandt closed in fast.  Weyandt got by for the lead on lap three but Casey Steinhoff and  Shawn Shoemaker were coming fast.   Several cautions slowed the field but Weyandt was able to hold off the challengers and secure the win.  Steinhoff and Shoemaker trailed.  Bard and Madeline Miller completed the top 5.  Khi Swanger, Shoemaker and Wes Bonebrake won the heats for the 26 Limiteds on hand.


Last week Bill Replogle wadded up his car in a heat race crash.  This week he received some redemption as he put the car up on the stage.  Due to his horrid 2023 luck, Replogle was awarded the pole position start and he made good on his good fortune.   Khi Swanger, doing double duty,  moved in to challenge Replogle, running side by side but Replogle held off every effort.    It was close but Replogle prevailed to secure the win.  Swanger took second ahead of Kyle Weyant, Rick Potter and Dalton Weyant who had started 10th in the field.   Dave Brown and Kyle Weyandt won the heats.


The race of the night was the EMod event.  George Dixon was the initial leader but he was pursued immediately by Donnie Farlling.    While Dixon led in what became a yellowfest, Farlling led a mob in pursuit.   Eventually Mike Altobelli moved into second and gave the leader fits.  Lap after lap Dixon held off Altobelli challenges but on the last lap Altobelli tried one more time and was successful.   Altobelli  snared the exciting last lap win  ahead of Dixon by a few feet at the line.    Cody Oliver rallied for a fine third place finish ahead of Justin Cullum and Glen Elliott.  Dixon, Brandon Inglish and Dan Davies won the heats.


With the clock running down, the 4 Cylinder finale was unable to git the track before the curfew was implemented, the first time that has happened at Bedford in several seasons.  That event will be run off as part of the next 4 Cylinder program.


WINGLESS SUPER SPORTSMAN    Tony Jackson,  Trent Yoder,  Cliff Brian,  Sam Leonard,  Steve Wilbur,  Kevin Gutsharll,  Luke Lenker,  Troy Fraker,  Brian Nace,  Bob Gutshall,  Kistin Moore,  Craig Perigo,  Jacob Galloway,  Eric  Rotz,  Matt Cisney,  Blaine Brooke


LIMITEDS  20 LAPS   Devin Weyandt,   Casey Steinhoff,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Kaiden Bard,  Madeline Miller,  Wes Bonebrake,  Colby Frye,  Brian Lowery,  Brad Feight,  Mark Williamson,  Brandon Bard,  Tim Snare,   Maddox Smith,   Rick Steele,  Eddie Cornett,  Brandon Bowman,  Lyle Lear,  Tom Decker III,  Cuyler Upperman,  Charles Jones,  Khi Swanger,  Tom Decker J  DNS   Justin Weaver,  Laura Reilly,  Ryan Sager


SEMI LATE 15 LAP,,     Bill Replogle   Khi Swanger,  Kyle Weyandt,  Rick Potter,  Dalton Weyandt,   John Miller  Brian Weyandt J,  Dave Brown,  Andrew Stough,  Travis Calhoun,  Laura Reilly,  Jeremy Fama,  Bradlee Means,  Josh Bumberger,  Greg Hainsey,  DNS  Anthony Fama,  Kyle Deneen


EMOD  20 LAP    Mike Altobelli J,  George Dixon,  Cody Oliver,  Justin Cullum,  Glen Elliott,  Brandon Hoover,  Donnie Farlling,  Jacob Marker,  Alyssa Rowe,   George Beckett,  David Green,  John Whitfield,  Mike Meck,  Michael Wilhelm,  Tommy Hughes,  Matthew Jones,  Dan Davies,  Jimmy Jesmer,  Nrandon Householder,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Mike Pappas,  Bill Vanmeter,  DNS   Brian Booze