Bedford Speedway » 2023 Results


July 1st, 2023

Only one week after Tyler Emory added his name to the list of Bedford winners, Brian Booze added his own name as he scored his first ever win at the track Friday night.   He became the 154th  different winner in the long Late Model history at the track after the hard fought win.  At the other end of the spectrum,  Bob Jay, one of the all time leaders  in total wins in different  classes, perservered to take the Semi Late win.

In other action George Dixon, after a season of frustration, scored the EMod win,  Kyle Beckett scored the Pure Stock win and Derek long ended the night with the 4 cylinder success.  In between the action on kids night at the track.  mobs of kids swarmed the speedway in one of the now famous Bedford candy throws.


Jeff Miller led the Late Model field to the green and pulled out to an early lead.     But in the matter of only three laps, Brian Booze had closed on the leader and was threatening.  By lap six Jeff Rine had emerged from the pack and was closing fast on the leaders.

Booze got by for the lead on lap eight but when Rine got by Miller a lap later, he instantly closed in on the new leader.   Booze withstood the challenges of Rine for several laps, but eventually Rine found himself under pressure from Kyle Lee who had started beside him in row 4.

Rine hung on to second for quite a few laps before Lee got by for second on lap 18.  Lee set off after Booze, catching him in two laps.   Lee actually drew alongside the leader on lap 20 before that action was derailed by a quick caution.  On the restart with five to go Booze was challenged but held on for the momentous popular win.  Lee scored a close second, ahead of Rine, Cody Overton and Bryan Bernheisel.   Travis Stickley and Rine won the heats.

George Dixon led the EMod field to the green and took the early lead.   That event was rudely halted as John Whitfield flipped wildly in turn one on lap two, bringing out the red flag.  On the restart, Dixon continued to hold sway on the field.  Evan Taylor ran second but did not seriously challenge Dixon until Mike Altobelli got by for that spot on lap 12 in heavy lapped traffic.   Altobelli closed on the leader in the waning laps but did not seriously challenge Dixon.

Taylor found himself in the clutches of his brother Jonathan over the last 5 laps finally falling to the challenge in lapped traffic with two to go.   At the finish, Dixon took the win over Altobbeli.  Jonathan Taylor took third ahead of his brother and Donnie Farlling was fifth.   Dixon,  Jacob Whitt and  Farlling won the heats.

Bob Jay led the Semi Late field to the green but it was Dave Brown who grabbed the early lead.   Brown had his great run ended though on lap three as he drifted to a halt in turn three, handing the lead back to Jay.   From that point on, Jay led but had to withstand serious pressure from Bill Replogle on almost every lap.    Replogle additionally had Greg Hainsey  and Rick Potter to deal with as he fought a two front battle.

At the finish, Jay put the Ford on the stage with another win.  Replogle was second ahead of Potter, Hainsey and Nick Bechtel.  Jay, Bechtel and Brian Weyandt Jr won the heats..

Kyle Beckett led the Pure Stock field to the green and took the early lead.  That event like the EMod race was halted wildly as several cars piled up in turn one on lap 3, this one coming when several cars in the lead group got together and collected quite a few others.   On the restart after the red flag, Beckett continued to lead but Cody Jarvie and Denver Dishong has moved in and provided constant pressure.

Jarvie tried repeatedly but could not effect the pass for the lead as Beckett did not waver and held on for the win.   Jarvie settled for a close second ahead of Dishong, Dalton Ritchey and Derek Hinish who started dead last in the field.   Dishong and Jarvie won the heats.

In what became a cautionfest,  Steve Delozier took the early 4 Cylinder lead.  But his thrill was short loved as Derek Long got by on a lap two restart.  Stymied by repeated caution periods as the field self destructed.  Long prevailed on each restart and held on for the win.  Delozier,  Todd Price, Jeff Marlett and Isaac Komarinski trailed.   Lomg and Delozier won the heats..


LATE MODELS 25 LAPS     Brian Booze,  Kyle Lee,  Jeff Rine,  Cody Overton,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Travis Stickley,  Nathan Lasalle,  Jeff Miller,  Tim Smith,  Justin Weaver,  Ron Fink,  Matt Sponaugle,  Wayne Johnson


EMOD  20 LAPS    George Dixon,  Mike Altobelli,  Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Donnie Farlling,  Ty Nander,  Jared Spalding,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Jacob Whitt,  Brandon Hoover,  Allen Whitt,  Rick Singleton,  David Green,  Amber Mills,  Bill Vanmeter,  Bryce Broadwater,  Mike Meck,  Tommy Hughes,  Matt Jones,  Brandon Inglish,  John Whitfield,  Mitch Thomas,


SEMI LATE 15 LAPS     Bob Jay,  Bill Replogle,  Rick Potter,  Greg Hainsey,  Nick Bechtel,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Travis Calhoun,  Kyle Weyant.  Bradlee Means,  Zach Frost,  Laura Reilly,  Brandon Grubb.  Chris Wolfe,  John Miller,  Josh Bumberger,  Dalton Weyant,  Cale Martin,  Chuck Penner,  Kyle Deneen,  Phil Boden,  Dave Brown,  Josh Gustaf,  DNS  Tony Catlett,  Jarrett Posley


PURE STOCK  15 LAPS    Kyle Beckett,  Cody Jarvie,  Denver Dishong,  Dalton Ritchey,  Derek Hinish,  Darian Ritchey,  Mark Shope,  Brock Bunn,  Dominick Weyandt,  Madison Miller,  Jay Talley,  Tom Lewis,  Mason Replogle,  Chuck Clise,  Tasha Treece,  Dominic Moreland,  Barry Clark,  Franklin Foor,  Brandon Mongold,   DNS  Brandon Bookwalter


4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS    Derek Long  Steve Delozier,  Todd Price,  Jeff Marlett,  Isaac Komarinski,  Allen Robinson, Brian Wright,  Duane Watring,  Josh Corbin,  George Shore,  Jim Burt,  Colin Welsh,  Richard Athey,  Ernie Hewitt,  Neveah  Helsel,  Harlan Group,  Austin Burt,  Darren Chesney,  Kirklyn Strouser,  Isaac Hoover,  Jimmy Delozier  DNS Brandon Bowman,  Matt Kauffman,  Shawn Brown