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July 3rd, 2011

By Dave Harclerode

BEDFORD, PA –  The Three State Flyers Late Model series visited the Bedford Speedway Friday night, and Bedford’s own Jack Pencil made his hometown proud by picking up the win in the 35 lap main event.  Craig Perigo ended a three year drought with a win in Limited Late Model action, and Bill Henney picked up the win in Street Stock action.  Charlie Walter charged from the back row to win the Hobby Stock feature, and Troy Imler earned his first ever Bedford victory in 4 Cylinder action. The Blackburn Russell Company sponsored the evening’s racing action. 

Jack Pencil has been building momentum all season at Bedford.  Fresh off a win the last time the Late Models circled Bedford, Pencil’s front row starting position for Friday’s Three State Flyer race set him up for a great chance to make it two in a row.  However, Jason Covert, the hottest driver on the series trail was in town and started just one row behind Jack.  Pencil immediately grabbed the lead at the start of the $3,000 to win event with regional standout Jamie Lathroum an Covert hot on his heels.  Lathroum appeared to have a little something for the leader until he brought the yellow out in turn two on the eighth lap.  This put Covert right on Pencil’s back bumper, with Scott LeBarron and Dylan Yoder following closely behind on the restart.  The fastest way around on this night was the high side, and Covert matched Pencil’s tire tracks for laps.  Yoder got by LeBarron for third on lap fifteen, but was never really able to pose too much of a threat to the top two.  Covert seemed content on mirroring Pencil for most of the race, but in the final stages he left nothing on the table.  The car on the move was last year’s track champ Jeff Rine.  Rine started last, and was able to come all the way up and steal the seventh spot from chuck Clise on the final lap.  Pencil was solid up front and repelled any of Covert’s attempts for the lead, taking the checkered for the 28th time of his career in Super Late Model action at Bedford.  Covert finished a close second, and Yoder came home third a few car lengths back.  LeBarron ended up fourth, and JT Spence fifth.  Rounding out the top ten was Nick Dickson, Rine, Clise, Wayne Johnson, and Jeff Miller.  Pencil won his heat and the dash, and Jamie Lathroum was the other heat race winner.  Former Bedford Regular CS Fitzgerald was on hand for the first time in over ten years.  He crossed the finish line in the eleventh position. 

Craig Perigo earned his fifth career Limited Late Model Bedford victory, holding off some of the areas best the entire race.  Perigo, who arguably has been in a slump over the past few seasons, has shown steady improvement the past few weeks.  Perigo took the lead on lap one and immediately had to deal with division hotshoe Matt Sponaugle.  Sponaugle’s bid for lead ended on lap 11 when slowed on the track and went pitside.  During the caution, the leaderboard showed Robbie Black now in second, Grant Adams third, Tim Smith, Jr. fourth, and Eric Irvin fifth.  Similar to the Late Model feature, Perigo ran the high groove and Black followed closely.  Perigo was near flawless, and Black never got the opportunity to take a swipe at the lead.  That’s the way they would finish, with Perigo on top and Black second.  Tim Smith, Jr. took third away from Grant Adams with five to go and held on till the end, Adams ended up fourth, and Irvin fifth.  Sixth through tenth went to Daniel Cornman, Donnie Farlling, Travis Stickley, Mike Duck, and Corey Weaver.  Adams and Sponaugle won the heats.

Bill Henney earned his 9th career Bedford Street Stock win and third of the season in unusual fashion.  Race fans are used to seeing Henney’s number 50 running and passing cars on the cushion.  Henney did use the high side to go from fifth to second on the first lap, but it was a move on the bottom that put him ahead of leader Brian Duffy on lap eight.  Henney maintained a comfortable lead, and Duffy, Jesse Snyder, Bob Jay, and Jerry Robinson followed him to the checkered.  Daryl Whetstone and Jesse Snyder won the heat events.

Charlie Walter had to work hard to earn his 20th career victory in Hobby Stock action.  A first lap crash sent him pitside for repairs, forcing him to restart last.  Travis Group held the early lead until Rick Potter got by on lap six.  Potter’s bid for the lead was short lived though, as Walter had already came through the pack.  Potter managed to hold the point for two laps until Walter shot by on lap eight.  With Walter out front, Potter maintained the second position until a spin on the final lap ended his good run.  Dave Riley took him second place honors when they crossed the finish line, with Chad Gambol, Lou Wannyn, and Jarrod Brown completing the top five.  Potter and Group won the heats.

Troy Imler’s season started off as bad as one could in the 4 Cylinder division.  In heat race action during week one of the season, Imler flipped multiple times in a violent crash on the backstretch.  In only his second race since then, he battled hard and made a dramatic last lap pass to take his first ever win at Bedford.  Robert Pluta led the first eight laps until his hood flew off on the frontstretch.  The caution was thrown for debris, and Bedford rules state when a caution is thrown for identifiable debris, that car goes to the rear.  Davey Lambert assumed the top spot, but it was Imler making the bold move on the final lap to take the win.  Lambert settled for second, Steve Frederick third, Robert Pluta battled back to take home fourth, and Juan Ryan finished fifth.  Frederick and Mike Lauffer won the heats.

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FEATURE (35 Laps):  1. 14 Jack Pencil  2. 43a Jason Covert  3. 32 Dylan 
Yoder  4. 8L  Scott LeBarron  5. 91 JT Spence  6. 17D Nick Dickson  7. 
92 Jeff Rine (Tri-State Racing Photos Hard Charger)  8. 5 Chuck Clise  
9. 17J Wayne Johnson  10. 57 Jeff Miller  11. 100 CS Fitzgerald  12. 39 
Greg Fetters  13. 26 Jerry Bard  14. 21 Scott Haus (DNF)  15. 20 Shawn 
Claar (DNF)  16. 5* Derek Byler (DNF)  17. 76 Andy Haus (DNF)  18. 6 
Jamie Lathroum (DNF)  19. B2 Brian Booze (DNF)

HEAT 1:  Pencil, LeBarron, Johnson
HEAT 2: Lathroum, Covert, Yoder
DASH:  Pencil


FEATURE:  1. 1a Craig Perigo  2. 01 Robbie Black  3. 39 Tim Smith, Jr. 
(Tri-State Racing Photos Hard Charger)  4. 64 Grant Adams  5. 87 Eric 
Irvin  6. 3 Daniel Cornman  7. 48 Donnie Farlling  8. 32 Travis 
Stickley  9. 73 Mike Duck  10. 10 Corey Weaver  11. 13 Brian Lowery  12. 
36 Travis Calhoun  13. 10d Scott Daniels  14. 44 Ralph Morgan (DNF)  15. 
8 Matt Sponaugle (DNF)  16. 81 Eddie Cornett (DNF)

HEAT 1:  Adams, Stickley, Cornman
HEAT 2:  Sponaugle, Morgan, Smith


FEATURE:  1. 50 Bill Henney (Tri-State Racing Photos Hard Charger)  2. 
38 Brian Duffy  3. 22 Jesse Snyder  4. 4 Bob Jay  5. 711 Jerry Robinson  
6. 48 George Farlling  7. 78 Daryl Whetstone  8. 10 Donald Wyles (DNF)  
9. 63 Kerry Molovich (DNF)  10. 45 Zane Weicht (DNF)
DNS:  55x Scott Grubb

HEAT 1:  Whetstone, Jay, Duffy
HEAT 2:  Snyder, Henney, Robinson


FEATURE:  1. 42 Charlie Walter (Tri-State Racing Photos Hard Charger)  
2. 17w  Dave Riley  3. 13 Chad Gambol  4. 77 Lou Wannyn  5. 11 Jarrod 
Brown  6. 7 Travis Group  7. 77xxl Rick Potter  8. 17 Brad Feight  9. 73 
Terry Norris (DNF)
DNS:  04 

HEAT 1:  Potter, Gambol, Riley
HEAT 2:  Group, Wannyn, Brown


FEATURE:  1. 9T Troy Imler  2. 21 Davey Lambert (Tri-State Racing Photos 
Hard Charger)  3. 12 Steve Frederick  4. 67 Robert Pluta  5. 3j Juan 
Ryan  6. 88 Andrew Pluta  7. 8r Ronnie Valentine  8. 17k Kevin See  9. 
86 Ralph Miller  10. 11 Phil Best  11. 93 Jeremy Miller (DNF)  12. 38 
Mike Lauffer (DNF)  13. 7 Nathan Kaminsky
DNS:  5w Garrett Watkins

HEAT 1:  Frederick, R. Miller, Lambert
HEAT 2:  Lauffer, A. Pluta, J. Miller