Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


May 26th, 2014
Rick Singleton kept his streak alive at Bedford on Sunday as he scored his third  consecutive Limited win in 2014.   With a win in his heat each time, Singleton has not been beaten yet this season at the track in Limited competition.  The 305 Sprints made their season debut at the track and Wayne Dadetto scored his first ever Bedford win in that 20 lapper.  In other action, Dennis Perigo rallied late to take the Economodified  event, Kevin Mohney won the vintage car race, Charlie Walter won the Pure Stock event and Ryan Peer returned for a 4 Cylinder win.
    As the most recent feature winner, Singleton started ninth in the Limited 25 lapper and started his climb from the first lap. Dion Lasalle led the first lap before George Dixon got by.  Dixon fought off Lasalle and Robby Black  but Singleton was up to fourth by lap five.  He blew by Lasalle for third the next lap  and took second on lap 8.  After some side by side action, he zipped Dixon for the lead on lap 14 and never looked back.
     Dixon spent the last ten laps fending off the advances of Black but held on for second at the line,  Black, Ron Bottenfield and Dan Zechman came from deep in the field for fifth.  Singleton, Dixon and Black won the heats.
    It took four shots to get the 305 event underway, and they had another caution on lap one  but when they got going Wayne Dadetto took off and never looked back.  Bryce Stevens was the original pole sitter but when he was involved in one of the original melees, Dadetto moved to the front row and got the jump on John Beam at the start.
     Beam, Steve Kennawell and Tony Fiore battled  much of the event before Fiore rallied late to finish second.  Beam was third followed by Mike Wagner III and Brian Walker.  Dadetto, Beam and Bryce Stevens won the heats.
     Tony Daniels led the small modified field for 10 laps before he slid high and Dennis Perigo got by.  Perigo led the at the finish followed by Daniels, Brandon Lasalle and Bruce Drestadt.
    Jim Kurpakus led the Vintage Modified race for three laps until Kevin Mohney got by. He led the distance to win over Les Myers and Scott Rickrode.
   Amber Mills led the first few Pure Stock laps with a mob scene behind her.  Brad Feight led lap 6  but Walter had charged to the front.  He took over on lap 7 and led Feight to the finish.  Travis Group, Ed Vogel and Mills trailed.  Mills and Kyle Beckett won the heats
   Ryan Peer ended the night with a run from deep in the pack to take the 4 Cylinder event.  Josh Datko led early but Peer took over on lap three.  Fromthere Peer never looked back although Andrew Pluta applied pressure for several laps.  At the finish, it was Peer ahead of Dustin Drake, Tom Brady, Bailey Johnson and Bill Hassenplug.  Peer, Johnson and Andrew Pluta won the heats.
LIMITED 25 LAP  1  Rick Singleton,  George Dixon,  Robbie Black,  Ron Bottenfield,  Dan Zechman,  Craig Perigo,  Eric Irvin,  Darrell Dick,  Doin Lasalle,  Brian Lessley,  Curtis Heath,  Tim Krape,  Nathan Lasalle,  Matt Eckman,  Travis Calhoun,  Tom Fulkard,  Troy Swindell,  Cody Butterbaugh,  Josh Berrier,  Tim Snook,  Brian Lowery,  Bob Foote,  Mike Blazer, Chase Billett,  DNS  Kaden Smith
305  SPRINTS  20 LAPS  1  Wayne Dadetto,  Tony Fiore,  John Beam,  Mike Wagner III,  Brian Walker,  Joe Zapp,  Bob Salathe,  Bill JOnes,  Steve Kennawell,  Nicole Walker,  Derek Bowser,  Ron Aurand,  Sean Kirkpatrick,  Reed Thompson,  Robbie Barclay,  Cory Thorron,  Greg Barclay,  Dan Sotosky,  Ryan Lynn,  Dusty Shatzer,  Bryce Stevens,  Rick Leonard,  Jim Kennedy,  Roger Irvine,
EMOD 12 LAPS  1  Dennis Perigo,  Tony Daniels,  Brandon Lasalle,  Bruce Drestadt,  Adam Daniels,  Alicia Rowe.
VINTAGE MODS 12 LAPS  1  Kevin Mohney,  Les Myers,  Scott Rickrode,  Jim Kurpakus.  Rick Pastor,  John Marks,  Mark Weigle,  Roy Rinne,  Randy Stevenson,  Roger Stevenson,  DS  Dale McCandells, Paul Bacchus
PURE STOCKS  12 LAPS  1  Charlie Walter,  Brad Feight,  Travis Group,  Ed Vogel,  Amber Mills,  Jarrod Brown,  Bob Jay,  Kyle Beckett,  Terry Norris,  Dan Jackson,  Steve Bard,  Bill Noll,  Greg Beckett,  Matt Diehl,  Cale Lepper,  Nick Bechtell,  Denny Norris,  Dave Riley,  DNS  Brad Nesline, Trent Clark
4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  1  Ryan Peer,  Dustin Drake,  Tom Brady,  Bailey Johnson,  Bill Hassenplug,  Mike Mort,  Dave Harclerode,  Stebe Frederick,  Dave Grimm,.  Will Willman,  Chris Reckner,  Steve Riggleman,  Andrew Pluta,  Jeff Vsos,  Pat Breahm,  Wayne Brenize,  John Datko,  Irv Fleegle,  Rusty Martin,  Cale Martin,  James Foor,  Robert Pluta,  Bill Sowers,  Nick Zborovancik,  Joe Shorr, Dustin Kinser.  DNS  Jon Gebhart, Josh Ringler