Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


June 20th, 2015
For the fourth time in the last five events,  rain was the story at Bedford Speedway Friday night.  Before the stoppage, Wayne Brenize won his first career 4 Cylinder event in a makeup of the June 5 show, and Jesse Snyder took the Semi Late main.  As the ARDC event was lining up, the on and off drizzle intensified and the remainder of the program was eventually stopped.
    With the makeup 4 Cylinder event being spun off first on the program, the class, which usually runs last each night, was dealt with a fast heavy track surface for the first time.  Wayne Brenize was up to the challenge as he shot by Dave Harclerode at the start and led the distance.  He had a huge lead wiped out when the caution flew on lap 10 and then survived a last lap restart, holding off both Dacron Powell and Darren Howsare to preserve the historic win.  Casey Fleegle came from 11th to finish 4th, followed by Ryan Peer and Bailey Johnson.  Brenize and Peer won the heats back on June 5.
     Like Brenize before him and with a similarly numbered 22, Jesse Snyder led flag to flag in the Semi Late event. But unlike Brenize, Snyder was hounded every inch of the race.  Dave Brown was all over Snyder from the start, and by halfway, Jim Sayler and Zane Weicht joined in the front group.  Several times Brown was up along side the leader but fell short at the finish.  Sayler, Chad Gambol and Weicht trailed.  RT Troutman and Brown won the heats.
     As the ARDC feature was lining up a pace lap crash halted the action for a few minutes.  In that delay, a heavy shower hit the speedway clearing the track.  Track crews again ran in the track, and just when the call went out for the ARDC cars to return to the track,  it rained again.   This time due to the very late hour and with a drizzle continuing,  the decision was made to stop the program at that point.
   The ARDC portion will be made up along with an entire show for them at a future date.   The Late Model, Pure Stock and 4 Cylinder events will join  other  rainout makeup events in July as what will be called “Makeup night” in a features only program.
4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS     Wayne Brenize,  Dacron Powell,  Darren Howsare,  Casey Fleegle,  Ryan Peer,  Bailey Johnson,  Dave Harclerode,  Steve Frederick,  Rusty Martin,  Colby Crawley,  Brandon Kinser,  Zach Tritt,  Phil Best,  Josh Fetters,  Todd Price,  Doug Cornath,  Mike McDonald,  DNS  Chris Reckner,  Pittman,  Norris,