Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


July 4th, 2016
Shawn Jones, making his first Bedford start in quite a while, made the trip out rewarding as he scored his first career win at the track in the special topless Limited event Sunday night.  Joining Jones in the limelight were Reed Thompson in the 305 event, Cale Martin in the 4 Cylinders, and, after a lot of post race drama, Brad Feight in the Charlie Walters 42 lap Pure Stock event.  Glen Pobletts won the special old timers race.
Shaun Jones led the Limited field to the green and took the early lead but could not shake George Dixon and Dan Zechman.  Behind them raged a wild 5 car battle in the pack with positions changing every lap. 
     A quick lap  7 caution was to create the major moment of the event.  On that restart, Chase Billet swept around the outside of both Brian Lowery and Brad Nailor entering turn three.     But Billet overshot the runway, impacted the wall and got big time air, clearing the wall and flying off into the trees outside turn four.  Billet was uninjured but the red flag session to retrieve the car was lengthy.
    Jones continued to lead on the restart, and although threatened by both Dixon and Zechman, he held on for the win.  Dixon , Zechman, Curtis Heath and Ron Bottenfield completed the top 5.   Dixon, Zechman and Jones won the heats.
    Reed Thompson survived a late race scare to secure the 305 win.  He led from the start, but late in the event, Drew Ritchey reeled him in.  Ritchey made a dramatic bid for the lead on lap 17 and the pair went side by side.  But only one lap late Ritchey slowed and hit the pits, allowing Thompson to whisk to the win.  Brad Mellott was second, followed by Joe Zap who rose from 10th starting spot to take third.  Ryan Lynn and Steve Kennawell completed the top five.  Thompson and Mellott won the heats.
    The Pure Stocks went 42 laps, the number worn by Charlie Walter when he raced.  Kyle Weyandt led the whole distance although Bill Replogle closed in the late laps.  But both the Weyandt 88 and Replogle’s 65 cars flunked the tech line, giving the win to Brad Feight who had snagged the third spot on the last lap.
   Beau Aikey, who gave up the spot to Feight on lap 41, was moved up to second, ahead of 17th place starter Justin Queen, Dave Lambert and 19th starter Jim Dearmitt.  Kyle Weyandt, Joe Dearmitt and Barry Weyandt won the heats.  Jim Dearmitt won the B.
    Cale Martin led a six car breakaway in the 4 Cylinder event and led the distance for the win.  He beat Tom Brady, Ryan Peer, Darren Howsare and Wayne Brenize.  Brady and Peer won the heats.
    Glen Pobletts won the special Vintage car race ahead of Scott Rickrode and Randy Minch.
LIMITED TOPLESS 20 LAP  1  Shaun Jones  George Dixon,  Dan Zechman,  Curtis Heath,  Ron Bottenfield,  Kyle Lee,  Devon Hart,  Matt Nailor,  Travis Stickley,  Donnie Farlling,  Kadden Smith,  Brian Lowery,  Nathan Lasalle,  Taylor Farlling,  Zach Price,  Devin Frey,  Dalton Bigler,  Dale Claycomb.  Cody Buterbaugh,  Brad Kling,  Jake Moser,  Chase Bilett  DNS  Jed Ladshaw
305  20 LAP  1  Reed Thompson,  Brad Mellott,  Joe Zap,  Ryan Lynn,  steve Kennawell,  Kyle Colwell,  Robbie Bartchy,  Jeff Taylor,  Brian Haney,  Drew Ritchey,  Dylan Shatzer,  Jim Kennedy,  Ed Messaros  Colt Lepley
PURE STOCK  42 LAP  1  Brad Feight,  Beau Aikey,  Justin Queen,  Dave Lambert,  Jim Dearmitt,  Reed Stickel,  Travis Group,  Nick Bechtell,  Prerston Imler,  Trent Clark,  Josh McClellan,  Dakota Foor,  Denny Pittman,  Brad Hoffman,  Dave Beahr,  Barry Weyandt,  Terry Norris,  Tyler Ritchey,  Erik Weyandt,  Jason Haggerty,  Cody Claycomb,  Joe Dearmitt,  Owen Baughman,  DQ  Kyle Weyandt,  Bill Replogle
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Cale Martin,  Tom Brady,  Ryan Peer,  Darren Howsare,  Andrew Pluta,  Wayne Brenize,  Josh Fetters,  Chris Reckner,  Kolby Crawley,  Dave Harclerode,  Phil Best,  Shawn Miller,  Harold Crawford,  Chris Shrout,  Skyler Sheetz,  Morgan Price,  Todd Price
VINTAGE  10 LAPS  1  Glen Pobletts,  Scott Rickrode,  Randy Minch,  Gene Wrightstone,  Steve Weirich,  Mark Rickrode,  Fred Hillenbrand,  Fred Thompson,  DNS  Robert Donnelly