Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


June 11th, 2017
    On a wild night of action at Bedford, Robby Black led the way with the big win in the headlining Limited  Late Model event. It was the first 2017 win at the track for Black, who is the leading active Limited win leader.   In other action, Evan Taylor beat his brother in the EMod race, Brian Weyandt Jr  took his first ever Semi Late event,Barry Weyandt won the wild Pure Stock event and Darren Howsare won the 4 Cylinder finale.  Due to the  Speedweek activity agreements, the Late Models had the night off 
    Limited rookie Greg Cornell led the .  field to the green with Kadden Smith and Taylor Farlling in tow.  But Robby Black was moving fast. He was up to fourth by lap three and and second by lap 5.   After he descended on Cornell, he shot by on lap 7 for the lead which he never relinquished.  
    At that point. Cornell fell into the clutches of George Dixon with Justin  Weaver closing fast.   On lap 10, in lapped traffic, Dixon got by for second  but could not close on Black..  Weaver emerged in third on lap 12 and the trio ran that way to the finish.
    Black was the victor, ahead of Dixon, Weaver,  Smith and Donnie Farlling.  Farlling and Dixon won the heats.
    Justin Milburn led the EMod field to the green but Evan Taylor shot by on lap two.   When Jonathan Taylor took second on the next lap, the brothers moved away for their own private battle.  With the Taylors ahead, Bill Pluta and Alyssa Rowe went at it for third.  
    After several laps of harassment,  Jonathan Taylor moved ahead as they moved through lapped traffic on lap 13.  And a late race caution two laps later set up a brother battle to the end.  But Evan got back by on lap 17 and ran off to the win.  Evan Taylor took second, followed by Pluta, Mike Altobelli Jr and Rich Goodman, who started last on the field.  Rowe dropped off the pace on the last lap and was credited with 14th.   Evan and Rowe won the heats
    The Semi Lates got off to a rugged start as 5 of them piled up in turn one at the start.  On the second attempt, Bill Replogle led Brian Weyandt Jr.  Bob Jay, involved in the big first lap cxrash, arrived in third closed in on Weyandt as they both gradually closed on Replogle.
    But Replogle pulled a wild 360 degree spin in front of the pair on lap 8.  When he recovered without stopping, he was in third and Weyandt had the lead.   As the laps wound down,  Replogle was able to track Jay down but was unable to make a move to take second
    At the finish it was Weyandt, Jay, Replogle Boyd Brode and Travis Calhoun.  Replogle and Calhoun won the heats.
     Barry Weyandt, denied in the tech line only a week ago, led the Pure Stock feature, which featured the wildest crash in recent memory,  from green to checkered.  Barry Weyandt, got the early lead ahead of Joe Dearmitt and Kyle Weyandt.  But as usual the entire field ran in a pack.  When the top three banged together coming off turn 4 on lap three, that action rippled thru the whole field with everyone scattering.
     In the melee, Trent Clark and Josh Frankenberry jointly started flipping the length of the front stretch, with Clark getting into the catch fencing.   Meanwhile nine other drivers got involved while taking evasive action including Reed Stickel who plastered the inside wall.  
      A vastly reduced field too the restart green on lap 4  and Barry led Kyle  for the entire 15 lap distance. Dave Lambert chased them to take third ahead of Brad Feight and Dakota Foor.  Tyler Ritchey and Denny Pittman won the heats.
      Wayne Brenize, Darren Howsare, Chris Reckner and Kolby Crawley settled the 4 Cylinder event among themselves.  After some heavy action, Howsare took the lead and held on for the win.  Brenize emerged in second at the finish ahead of Crawley, Reckner and Chris Graybill.   Crawley and Casey Fleegle won the heats
LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  Robby Black,  George Dixon,  Justin Weaver,  Kadden Smith,  Donnie Farlling,  Greg Cornell,  Taylor Farlling,  Curtis Heath,  Brian Lowery,  Ron Bottenfield,  Devin Weyandt,  Ralph Morgan,  Eddie Cornett,  Cody Buterbaugh,  Mike Lauffer,  
EMOD  18 LAPS  1  Evan Taylor,  Jonathan Taylor,  Bill Pluta,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Rich Goodman,  Beau Aikey,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Ed Vogel,  Jamioe Kohan,  Justin Milburn,  Brian Fyfe,  Dan Lawry,  Mike Meck,  Alyssa Rowe,  Drake Troutman,  DNS  John Whitfield
SEMI LATE  15 LAP  1  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Bob Jay,  Bill Replogle,  Boyd Brode,  Travis Calhoun,  Tom Brady,  Brandon Hoover,  Mark Patterson,  Jesse Snyder,  Cale Martin,  Dave Whetstone
PURE STOCK 15 LAPS  1  Barry Weyandt,  Kyle Weyandt,  Dave Lambert,  Brad Feight,  Dakota Foor,  Jim Dearmitt,  Brad Hoffman,  Owen Baughman,  Laura Chamberlain,  Joe Dearmitt,  Denny Pittman,  Erik Weyandt,  Nick Bechtell,  Trent Clark,  Reed Stickel,  Michael Smith,  Josh Frankenberry,  Tyler Ritchey,  James Foor,  Casey Fleegle,  Joe Means,  Kyle Beckett,  
4 CYLINDER  12 LAPS  1  Darren Howsare,  Wayne Brenize,  Kolby Crawley,  Chris Reckner,  Chris Graybill,  Steve Frederick,  Phil Best,  Tyler Brown,  Bryan Ickes,  Casey Fleegle,  Chris Strout,  Rusty Martin,  Michael McDonald,  Todd Price,  DNS  Josh Fetters,  Carl Redinger