Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


August 8th, 2020

Greg Spike Moore was the big winner in Friday action at Bedford taking the 20 lap Limited headliner at the track. In other action on a wild Friday program, Chubby Childers rallied for his first ever Semi Late win, Mike Aotobelli Jr won the EMod event and Kyle Deneen was the Pure Stock winner. before Harlan Group took his first ever 4 Cylinder win.

The Limited even started off wildly as Brad McGinnis overshot the runway at the start and heavily impacted the first turn wall. After another restart caused by a Randy Burkholder and Eddie Cornett melee, The field settled down for racing.

Devin Weyandt took the early lead and seemed to have things going his way. But Greg Moore roared from the pack and challenged Weyandt seriously. After several attempts, Moore got by on lap 12 and led to the finish. Taylor Farlling caught Weyandt in the late laps but could not make the pass before the finish, taking third at the line.

Clinton Hersh and Andy Fries completed the top 5. Hersh and Fries won the heats.

Not to be outdone, the Semi Late 20 lapper features three attempts at an initial start and a wild multi car crash. Cale Martin led the first lap before Chubby Childers got by. While Childers pulled away, There was a wild nine car gang in the battle for second as Martin attracted a crowd.

On lap five, just after Greg Hainsey got by for second, he got turned and the mob scattered, as 7 of them crashed in turn one. Childers again ran off on the restart . Bill Replogle got by Martin on lap 7 and Nick Bechtel arrived from 15 th to take third on lap nine but Childers and Replogle were well ahead.

At the finish, Although Replogle and Bechtel closed, Childers won for the first time at Bedford. Jarrod Brown and Travis Calhoun came from deep in the field to complete the top 5. Replogle and Kyle Weyandt won the heats.

Not to be outdone, the EMods also took three tries to get underway. The second attempt was the wildest as the first two rows tangled coming for the green and 13 cars piled up at the line.

When the diminished field finally got a good start, Daniel Cornman was the early leader but Mike Altobelli Jr arrived quickly and gave him fits. Lap after lap the pair ran together with Altobelli actually leading lap 8 and lap11, but on lap 14 Altobelli took over for good. After that. Altobelli led the last 6 laps to clain another EMod win Cornman, Travis Cottle and Alyssa Rowe , who had to be lifted off another car in the starting melee, completed the top 5. Cornman and Altobelli won the heats.

In a similar fashion, the Pure Stock event started off rough but with only three cars being involved. Larry Foor led the first official lap before Kyle Deneen took over. Foor held off the mob until Charlie Clise and Dalton Ritchey got by. Although that pair chased Deneen, They fell short as Deneen held on for the win. Devin Weyandt and Foor completed the top five.

To complete the program, the 4 Cylinders also took several tries to get going, When things settled down, Harlan Group snagged the lead on lap one and was never threatened. Darren Howsare came from eighth to challenge layte but Group held on for his first ever win. David Fairall and Todd Price won the heats.

lLIMITED 20 LAP 1 Greg Moore, Devin Weyandt, Taylor Fasrlling, Clinton Hersh, Andy Fries, Donnie Farlling, Kurt Zimmerman, Tyler Ritchey, Matt Murphy, Brian Lowery, Jim McBee Jr, Eddie Cornett, Jim McBee, Randy Burkholder, Brad McGinnis,

EMOD 20 LAPS 1 Mike Altobelli J, Daniel Cornman. Bill Pluta Travis Cottle, Alyssa Rowe, Ryan Beckett, Ridge Bookwalter, Amber Mills, Mitch Thomas, Evan Taylor, Sam Reeder, Ken Singer, Mike Atobelli Sr, Brandon Householder

SEMI LATEB 15 LAPS 1 Chubby Childers Bill Replogle, Nick Bechtel, Jarrod Brown, Travis Calhoun Erik Weyandt. Mike Dewsch. Cale Martin, Chris Wolfe, Brandon Grubb, Steve Chamberlain, Brian Weyandt Jr, Greg Hainsey, Kyle Weyandt, Danny Atherton, Khi Swanger, Ron Benton, Laura Reilly, DNS Brian Shaw

PURE STOCK 15 LAP 1 Kyle Deneen, Charlie Clise, Dalton Ritchey, Dalton Weyant, Larry Foor, Kevin Weyandt, Dakota Foor, Barry Clark, Reed Stickel, Rodney Hartman, Cole Stickel, Bill Shehan, Bryce Broadwater, Andrew Slough, Geoff Sosnowski,

4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS 1 Harlan Group Darren Howsare, Jay Talley, David Fairall, Dustin Kinser, Todd Price, Colin Welsh, Kyle Frankenberry, Jeremy Miller, Tommy Hughes, Rusty Martin, Nathan McDermitt, James Norris, Joe May, Garrett McIntyre, Nathan Long, Jimmy Delozier, Dominik Shipley, Shawn Oester, Darren Norris, Ernie Hewitt