Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


May 31st, 2021

Late season soggy spring weather again tormented the Bedford Speedway but the track crew prevailed to complete the show Sunday night. The cool temperatures, fog, mist and overcast sky produced a hammer down track surface and three come from behind feature winners in the four division program.

Donnie Farlling was happy that the Limited event was five laps longer than usual as he rallied late to snag that win. Greg Dobrosky took over with three laps tp go to win the 305 event before Mike Altobelli went pole to pole in the EMod race. Point leader Todd Price emerged from a wild three car battle to end the evening with a popular 4 Cylinder win.

Brian Lowery blasted into the early lead in the Limited event. He easily stretched out over Travis Wilson early. But in the field, Donnie Farlling was coming fast. He was all over Wilson by lap three and after intense battling he finally got by for second on lap 14.

When the event’s only caution flew on lap 16 for a slowing Justin Weaver, Farlling closed right up to the leader. After several laps of intense challenge, Farlling shot by for the lead on lap 21 and led to the finish. Lowery held on for second at the line, while Wilson lost two spots on the last lap and settled for fifth. Fourth row starters Devin Hart and Taylor Farlling were third and fourth. Weaver and Clinton Hersh, the first feature retiree won the heats.

While the Limited event was fairly clean, the 305 event started off wildly. Eight cars piled up in turn one at the start necessitating a red flag delay. On the restart Bob Garvey grabbed the lead but he was hounded the distance by Mikell McGee. Eventually Greg Dobrosky arrived to make it a three way battle at the front.

Dobrosky got by for second on lap 7 as the gang wrestled among lapped traffic, but Garvey seemed safely ahead. Dobrosky got stronger as the laps wound down ad closed on Garvey late. On lap 17, he shot by for the lead which he held to the end. Garvey was second at the line, followed by Dylan Shatzer, McGee and 13th starter Garrett Bard, McGee, Ray Sheetz and Shatzer won the heats.

In an odd quirk of the handicapping system, 7 of the 8 eligible EMod cars had no average, allowing the only racer with a point average, Mike Altobelli Jr, on the pole. He did not waste he great luck and took off at the start. He was chased for the duration By George Dixon in the 85, but Dixon was no match for Altobelli, who easily won the contest.

The race long battle for third was won by Brandon Householder over Mitch Thomas and Beau Aikey. Altobelli and Householder won the heats.

Colin Welsh was the early 4 Cylinder leader but he drew a 6 car mob of chasers. Harlan Group took over on lap three but the man on the move was Todd Price. He knifed between the leaders to take over on lap 7 and ran off as the mob wrestled behind him.

Welsh fell back but rallied to take second at the line ahead of Tommy Hughes Group and Ernie Hewitt. Hewitt and Javid Fairall won the heats.

John Marks won the Pen Mar vintage show

LIMITED 25 LAP Donnie Farlling, Brian Lowery, Devin Hart, Taylor Farlling, Travis Wilson, Eric Irvin, Devin Weyandt, Khi Swanger, Jakob Piper, Kevin Palmer, Brad Feight, James Lohr, Jusstin Weaver, Clinton Hersh

305 SPRINT 20 LAP 1 Greg Dobrosky, Bob Garvey, Dylan Shatzer, Mike McGee, Garrett Bard, Kruz Kepner, Ray Sheetz, Larry McVey, Ron Aurand, Kristina Pratt, Ryan Lynn, Scott Lutz, Michael Alleman, Josh Bricker Josh Spicher, Frank Rosnak, Reed Thompson, Johm Walp. Austin Greenland, Jarrett Covalett, Stebe Kennewell

EMOD 20 LAP 1 Mike Altobelli J, George Dixon, Brandon Householder, Mitch Thomas, Beau Aikey, Jacob Whitt, Alyssa Rowe, Kyle Beckett, Travis Cottle, Amber Mills, Travis Clower, Ed Vogel David Green, Mike Meck, John Whitfield,

4 CYLINDER 15 LAPS 1 Todd Price, Colin Welsh, Tommy Hughes, Harlan Group, Ernie Hewitt, Javid Fairall, Jay Talley, Dalton Long, Tawney Group, Michael Boring, Brandon Lucas, Jim Burt, John Diehl, Darren Chesney, Keeshawn Dempsey, Wayne Selby,
Jeff Vasos, Shawn Smith, DNS Isaac Komarsji

PEN MAR 10 LAP John Marks.. Hugh Wright, Stew Weirich, Fred Thompson, DNS Gene Wrightstone