Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


July 3rd, 2021

Wearing the same number as Milt Miller used in his last few Bedford wins, Andy Haus scored the big win in the Miller Memorial event at the track Friday night. The win was a real nail biter as he held off challenges from both Jeff Rine and Gregg Satterlee for the win, worth $3000.

In other action, Greg Hainsey survived a photo finish which was in doubt for several minutes to take his first Semi Late win of the year, before Kyle Deneen and Jay Talley also became first time 2021 winners.

While pole sitter Shaun Jones got the jump on the Late Model field, it was Andy Haus in front by the end of lap one. Haus jumped to a large lead in the early laps as Gregg Satterlee and Jeff Rine dealt with Jones.

By the time both competitors got by Jones, Haus was way ahead, but both began to close slowly each lap as they held their own battle for second. With Haus encountering lapped traffic as the race passed halfway, Rine and Satterlee both closed to within challenging distance.

Once free of traffic, Haus again moved away but by lap 30 Rine and Satterlee were both back in the game. That all changed when Donnie Farlling stopped on the track on lap 31, setting up a nail biting last 4 laps.

Haus was on his game for the restart, holding on to the outside groove. Rine made several looks to the inside including a last lap try in turn 4, but Haus hung on for the popular win. Rine and Satterlee trailed with Chuck Clise and Travis Stickley, who started deep in the field, completing the top 5. Jim Bernheisel and Haus won the qualifying heats.

The Semi Late event started off rather raggedly as several piled up on lap one. When things settled down, Greg Hainsey was the early leader but Rick Singleton was all over him. Eventually Nick Bechtel and Travis Calhoun joined in the festivities at the front but Hainsey held on.

Bechtel got by Singleton on lap 11 and took on the challenge single handedly. The pair ran side by side the last few laps with Bechtel still there as the pair came toward the checkered flag. While officials discussed the outcome, track photographer Walls produced the picture showing a Hainsey win by inches at the line. Bechtel, Singleton, Brian Weyandt and Calhoun completed the top 5. Hainsey and Chubby Childers won the heats.

By contrast, the Pure Stock event was a walk in the park for Kyle Deneen. He got the drop on John Howsare at the start and led the distance. Howsare shadowed the leader for the duration but could not get by, trailing the leader to the flag.

Behind them at the finish, Dakota Foor, Dalton Ritchey and Barry Clark completed the top 5. Charlie Clise and Dalton Weyant won the heats.

The 4 Cylinder finale was a battle of 22s as Dalton Long led early and Jay Talley led late to seal the deal. Austin Burl and Tyler Becket arrived lats to the front side battle but finished behind the leaders,Derek Long was fifth. Talley and Javid Fairall won the heats.

LATE MODEL 35 LAPS 1 Andy Haus, Jeff Rine, Gregg Satterlee, Chuck Clise, Travis Stickley, Dylan Yoder, Jim Bernheisel, Shawn Jones, Matt Sponaugle, Nathan Lasalle, Jeff Miller, Dave Stamm, Donnie Farlling, Wayne Johnson, Billy Wampler, Taylor Farlling

SEMI LATE 15 LAPS 1 Greg Hainsey, Nick Bechtel, Rick Singleton, Brian Weyandt Jr, Travis Calhoun, Kyle Weyandt, John Miller, Laura Chamberlain, Chubby Childers, Jarrod Brown, Laura Reilly, Bill Replogle

PURE STOCK 15 LAP 1 Kyle Deneen, John Howsare, Dakota Foor, Dalton Ritchey, Barry Clark, Dalton Weyant, Charlie Clise, Kevin Weyandt, Cole Stickel, Geoff Sosnowski, Rodney Hartman, Larry Foopr, Denver Dishong, Reed Stickel, Jeremy Fama, Bill Shehan, DNS Jame Norris, Anthony Fama

4 CYLINDR 12 LAPS 1 Jay Talley, Dalton Long, Austin Bult, Tyler Beckett, Derek Long, Darren Chesney, Richard Athey, Ernie Hewitt, Joe May, Shawn Smith, John Diehl, Todd Price, Javid Fairall, Dustin Kinser, David Reaugh, DNS Keeshawn Dempsey, Steve Delozier