Bedford Speedway » 2022 Results


July 16th, 2022

The annual five dollar night at Bedford produced a huge crowd, fireworks and four happy winners Friday night.  Jesse Snyder led off the action with a popular win in the Semi Late event.  It was his first win at the track in almost two years and he earned it,     The Taylor family monopolized the front of the EMod event with Jonathan winning,  before Dalton Weyandt and Darren Howsare completed the evening with wins.  To mark the year, all the feature events went 22 laps with fireworks to follow.

Jesse Snyder took the Semi Late lead at the start,  but was heavily hounded by  first Travis Calhoun and later  Brian Weyandt Jr who arrived from deep in the pack.     Several early cautions slowed the beginning laps, but no one really threatened the top two.  But while they held sway on every restart, all eyes were on Tont Catlett, who was knifing through the field after starting dead last.


Clearly the fastest car in the field, Catlett was fifth on lap 12,  getting by Greg Hainsey on lap 13 and John Miller to be third two laps later.     But Catlett’s dream run ended a lap later as his motor expired  dramatically coming down the front stretch on lap 15.    The  barrage of smoke and fluids created chaos among his followers, as Miller and Hainsey both got involved and  Calhoun narrowly got through.


After that mayhem, Weyandt  found himself challenging Snyder and also defending his position from Calhoun over the last seven laps.  Snyder held on for the win, ahead of Weyandt and Calhoun.  Kyle Weyandt and Nick Bechtel, who recovered from a early race pit stop completed the top 5/    Miller and Kyle Weyandt won the heats.


Jacob Whitt was the early EMod leader, but  Jonathan Taylor swept by on lap 3.    Brother Evan Taylor emerged from the pack by lap 6 to take second, bringing Mitch Thomas with him.   Although Thomas tried hard lap after lap to break up the Taylor family reunion,    the trio ran in that order to the finish.     Over the last ten laps, Jonathan separated himself  from his brother and Thomas and scored a decisive win.


Evan Taylor, making his first start in over two months, held off Thomas at the line, ahead of Donnie Farlling and Whitt.   Evan Taylor and David Green won the heats.


In what is becoming common, the Pure Stock event was another mob scene at the front.   Denver Dishong led the first lap but Dalton Weyant took over on lap two.   A pack of ten cars chased the lead pair and traded positions every  lap with Charlie Clise chipping his way forward.  Clise, after a poor het race finish, started tenth in the field and worked tirelessly inching his the mob battled,  Weyandt and Dishong were left alone at the front.


After alternately gaining and losing positions almost every lap,  Clise  finally arrived at the front, taking third from  Kevin Weyandt with two to go.    On the last lap,  Clise attacked Dishong.   As Weyant swept to the victory,  Dishong held on for a photo finish over Clise for second, ahead of  Kevin Weyandt and Kyle Beckett.    Dalton Ritchey and Dishong won the heats.



The 4 Cylinder finale was the usual mob scene early.    Josh Borland led early before  Austin Burt took over.   As if the usual 4 Cylinder action wasn’t enough,  Tyler Beckett stopped the show by flipping wildly in turn three and four  on lap 11.    After the red flag delay,  Darren Howsare took the lead and controlled the remainder of the event.


Burt held on for second, followed by  point leader Shawn Smith, Jay Talley and  Dominick Shipley, who failed to go to the scale after the event and forfeited that spot.     Smith  Todd Price and Burt won the heats.


SEMI LATE 22 LAPS  1  Jesse Snyder,  Brian Weyandt J,  Travis Calhoun,  Kyle Weyandt,  Nick Bechtel,  Cale Martin,  Bradlee Means,  Brandon Grubb,  Bill Pluta,    Tony Catlett,    John Miller,  Greg Hainsey,  Dennis Collins,  Laura Reilly,  Rick Potter,  Laura Chamberlain,  Bill Replogle,  Erik Weyandt


EMOD  22 LAPS  1     Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Mitch Thomas,  Donnie Farlling,  Jacob Whitt,    Brandon Hoover,  Mike Pappas,  Devin Frye,  John Whitfield,  Dakota Welsh,  Michael Wilhelm,  Mike Duck,  Rodney Hartman,  Tommy Hughes,  David Green,  Ryan Peer,  Mike Meck


PURE STOCK  22 LAPS  1  Dalton Weyant,  Denver Dishong,  Charlie Clise,  Kevin Weyandt,  Kyle Beckett.  Derek Hinish,  Dalton Ritchey,  Kyle Deneen,  Bill Shehan,  Darren Ritchey,  Jason Haggerty,  Franklin Foor,  Barry Clark,  Cody Riggleman    DNS  Cody Jarvie


4 CYLINDER  22 LAPS  1  Darren Howsare,  Austin Burt,  Shawn Smith,  Jay Talley,  Derek Long,    Jeff Marlett,  Keshawn Dempsey,  Jason Woods,  Shawn Metty,  Josh Borland,  Jimmy Delozier,  Todd Price,  Darren Chesney,  Luke Hribar,  Steve Delozier,  Tyler Beckett,  George Shore J,  Jacob Miller,  Ernie Hewitt,  Matthew Jones,  DNS    George Shore S  Dalton Long,  Javid Fairall,  Jim Burt  DQ  Dominick Shipley